Snap, Snap it's Crab and Lobster Season!

Snap, Snap it's Crab and Lobster Season!The warmer waters of late Spring heralds the beginning of the crab and lobster season in the UK. This class of seafood is called crustacean and they are generally caught by baited pots set on the sea floor by the fishermen, who return several days later to draw up the pots. Lobsters prefer a rocky seabed environment as they like to hide in the nooks and crannies of the rocks.

We have fantastic native lobsters all around the British Isles. Many people think that lobsters are exclusively for the wealthy, but this is not the case. It certainly is for a special occasion, but buying a lobster at your local fishmongers need not be an aristocratic ordeal!!! The tail and claw meat of the lobster affords a meaty texture, complimented by a delicate sweetness, while the brown meat of the main body offers a softer but richer taste.

At Brady’s Fish & Seafood Market, we can offer live lobsters for the adventurous cook or we can cook the lobster for you. We even dress the lobsters on platters and serve with a home-made mayonnaise or alioli. We offer a range of sizes to suit your needs too. Try it with a nice sparkling wine!

We have two main species of crab around the UK, the Brown crab and the Spider crab. The Brown crab is probably what people are more used to seeing. Crab is more delicate in texture to lobster. The brown meat of crab is richer in taste, similar to lobster. The Spider crab is a sweeter crab than the Brown crab, but most of these are exported to France. It is exquisite in taste and is considered a real delicacy in Brittany. In the shop, we sell dressed crabs from Cromer in Norfolk and hand-picked crab claw meat from Newlyn, Cornwall. When available, we also sell hand-picked Spider crab claw meat, so all you need to do is to pour the wine and enjoy!! A nice Chardonnay or Viognier would go well here.

To make a simple, but stunning lunch, try the following: Cut an avocado in half and remove the stone. Chop up a beef tomato and place inside each half of the avocado, along with a generous portion of crab meat. Squeeze some lemon juice on top, sprinkle some coriander on top and serve with some fresh crusty bread. Absolutely beautiful…and very healthy!

LobsterRemember the crab and lobster season ends around November, so make the most of it and eat healthily doing so! Bon appetit!

Native lobsters are right in season now and are definitely eating well, so go... get stuck in!