Michael Wood The Great British Story: A People's History

Michael Wood The Great British Story: A People's HistoryMichael Wood The Great British Story: A People’s History is a fascinating look at history through the eyes of ordinary people of Britain. Currently showing on BBC2 this fantastic eight-part documentary comes to DVD courtesy of Acorn Media. Presented by the loveable historian and broadcaster Michael Wood who delivers a grand sweeping chronological narrative, from the silk weavers of Sudbury to the women chain makers of Halesowen; Michael Wood The Great British Story: A People’s History is released on DVD 1 October 2012.

The remarkable series looks at British history from the bottom up as Wood sets the lives of the ordinary people in the context of great events from the Viking invasions and the Norman Conquest to the Industrial Revolution and the two World Wars. These events are seen through the eyes of local people and places for example, the real life East Enders of Stratford East, the Barbudans of Leicester with the greatest of all slave archives and stories from the DNA of the Wirral Vikings.

Using the extraordinary energy and interest of local people across the UK and the incredible resources of local archives, museums, societies and universities up and down the land, the series will uncover the British past and chart the many roads by which the people of Britain arrived at their present.

Follow Wood on this compelling journey as he meets the people of Britain, past and present to deliver a ‘Who do you think you are?’ for the nation in the 21st Century

Special features include: Michael Wood Biography and pictureGallery

‘It's great: an engaging show about who we are and where we are’
The Guardian

Title: Michael Wood The Great British Story: People’s History
Release Date: 1 October 2012 RRP: £25.99 Certificate: E
Running Time: 480 mins on 3 discs Cat No: AV3073