Christmas Clothing Drive for Salvation Army and Midlands Co-operative Society

Christmas Clothing Drive for Salvation Army and Midlands Co-operative SocietyCo-operative food stores in Leicestershire are part of over 70 Co-operative food stores throughout the Midlands to take delivery of Salvation Army clothing banks. Donated clothes will be sold via the Salvation Army and profits will go to charity.

Shoppers in Leicestershire can donate to Salvation Army clothing banks in their local Midlands Co-operative stores like those in Lutterworth and Whetstone.

The Salvation Army and Midlands Co-operative Group ask customers to bring in any clothes which they no longer wear when they come to do their weekly shop. Clean clothes, shoes and textiles of decent quality will be welcome.

Retail Support Manager, Lee Cooper-Bevan, said:

“Christmas is a great time to share and think of those who are less fortunate. We’re asking customers to bring any unwanted items of clothing to our Midlands Co-operative food stores and donate them to a great cause. We, working with the Salvation Army will make sure that the proceeds go to charities”.

Midlands Co-operative Society and Salvation Army will be sharing profits so that 50 per cent of proceeds will be donated to causes through the Salvation Army and 50 percent will be donated to the Midlands Co-operative Society’s corporate charity.

Midlands Co-operative Society are also working with Salvation Army on their You CAN Help campaign, asking customers to donate a can of food to the charity for distribution to those in need in local communities.