A Revolutionary New Site For All Aspects of Buying, Selling and Talking About Cars on the Internet. www.carcliq.co.uk

A car is a fundamental part of many people’s lives, and the decisions to be taken when selecting the right model and specification to suit an individual are numerous. Increasingly, as car manufacturers raise their game, as similar models compete more fiercely, as the green revolution continues, the decisions become harder to make.

A Revolutionary New Site For All Aspects of Buying, Selling and Talking About Cars on the Internet. www.carcliq.co.ukAs people look for more information from numerous sources, the manufacturer, expert reviews and user opinion, the Internet has become the obvious place for people not only to research features, makes and models, but to pose questions and engage in discussion with current users. The obvious next step is to buy their car and purchase all peripherals through the internet as well.

Car dealers have responded to this by listing most of their stock on the internet, on their own sites and/or well known other sites where they pay to advertise. This has largely replaced paper publications over the last ten years.

CarCliq was founded by Antony Lewis a 30 year veteran of the car industry, who was frustrated at the internet experience for buying and selling cars, which not only failed to utilise the power of putting together buyers, sellers and drivers in a dynamic conversation to facilitate decision making, but also failed to enable search for a particular set of features in an elegant and user friendly way.

CarCliq not only allows buying and selling of vehicles but gives people the ability to research and discuss options through their forum.

CarCliq is a community for all drivers, from the enthusiast who wants to find out about the latest supercar, to the mum who wants to research which car can fit three child seats; or just those who want to choose a practical little hatchback. Whether you are looking for a local dealer, a service from a recommended garage, fair and unbiased advice, detailed reviews, or to buy a new or used car, CarCliq has it covered.

When it comes to buying and selling cars, their aim is to be accessible and affordable to both driver and dealer, and focus on achieving success for both buyer and seller.