New website invites users to brighten a stranger's day with a compliment is beguilingly sweet and exists simply to allow real people to send and receive real compliments. inspired by the words of former us president, Abraham lincoln, knows that “everybody likes a compliment” and has made it its mission to spread compliments far and wide, harnessing the power of digital technology to inject a healthy dose of feel good into 2013.

Founder Adrian Finnegan said, “There is so much negativity in the world and particularly online that we were driven to create a website that would act as a ray of sunshine. our only purpose and the site’s sole mission is simply to brighten someone’s day by sending them a genuine compliment.”

Taking its no negativity pledge seriously, the site offers a selection of 250 complimentary words to choose from. A photo of a user is shown, the viewer selects up to three from the pool of compliments based upon their instinctive first impression and with a click of a button, the kind words are sent to the user. The user on the receiving end of the compliments receives a simple message saying simply, “lucky you. This person saw your picture and they thought...” followed by the three words. To continue the cycle of positivity, the recipient can send a heartfelt thank you message back, selecting from a range of warm messages to spread the feel good factor further.

The site is 100% safe to use for all ages, with no contact information shown apart from the profile image, and no direct email to email communication. The system interfaces between the two parties to preserve anonymity and privacy.

mr Finnegan added, “There is no way of sending abusive or derogatory messages, as users simply choose from selections available. it is not a social networking or dating site, it is a 'feel good, brighten a complete stranger's day site' with no reward other than a Thank you.”

The site is completely free to use and registration is quick and easy. once logged in, members can send and receive compliments completely securely, bringing the feel good factor into the digital age.

To find out more and to register, visit