Help - My Daughter Has Scoliosis

Help - My Daughter Has ScoliosisIn 2010, Anna Lowne was unexpectedly diagnosed with scoliosis (side-to-side curvature of the spine). With her family reeling in shock and unable to find any personal accounts of what to expect, they faced the condition with little information. Following a successful recovery and return to normal life, Anna’s mother has written a book to better prepare other families to tackle the condition head-on.

Scoliosis affects around three percent of all babies. With the first symptoms developing during adolescence, the condition often strikes at a time when children are at their most active.

“Anna’s diagnosis blind-sided us out of the blue,” says Hilary Lowne, whose daughter was just fourteen at the time of diagnosis.

She continues, “Aside from getting medical information, we frantically tried to seek out the personal stories of other families who were affected by the condition. I wanted to find out what could happen to my daughter in terms of tests, possible surgical intervention, and the process of recovery. There really wasn’t much out there, leaving us in the dark.”

Therefore, Lowne wrote ‘Help – My Daughter Has Scoliosis’ to provide an honest, factual and succinct account of what both patients and families can expect. The book documents Anna’s own experiences over a two-year period, from diagnosis through to a follow-up appointment a year after surgery.

“Anna found that as her spinal curvature progressed from 45 degrees curved to 75 degrees curved, the rib hump she had developed on her back became bigger and the pain in her back became worse,” Lowne adds, discussing some of the facets relating to the condition, all featured in her book.

The book also documents some of the personal struggles Anna endured. For example, she became unable to continue her passion of long-distance running, following her spine’s constriction of her lung capacity. This coupled with the increasing difficulty of her first love, dancing, takes readers on a very intimate and personal journey through the real-life impact of scoliosis.

In Anna’s case, relief was found. Following the insertion of two rods and fifteen pins to straighten her spine, her life returned to normal at the age of sixteen. With her changed goal of pursuing an acting diploma and following her dream to become an actress, Anna’s story proves that scoliosis can be overcome.

“This is exactly why I wrote the book – to give parents hope that, while the diagnosis and recovery is heart-breaking at times, scoliosis is a modern-day medical condition that can be fought, beaten and laid to rest for good,” Lowne concludes.

Help – My Daughter Has Scoliosis, published by Hilary Lowne in conjunction with WRITERSWORLD, is available now from most good bookshops and online book retailers, priced at £9.99.

ISBN: 978-0-9573400-0-8In 2010,