Pocket water purification for travellers

Regardless of whether you travel for business, holiday or as part of your gap year, we are aware of the pain and misery that contaminated water can cause. It makes no difference if you are visiting Delhi or Doncaster, the only guaranteed purified water is bottled mineral water – or it was until recently. A new development means that expensive bottled water could be on the way out.

Water-to-Go is an easy-to-use, pocket water purification bottle you can use anywhere to turn tap, stream, river or rainwater into drinking water – it will purify and remove over 99.9% of all contaminants including bacteria and chlorine.

Pocket water purification for travellers
The filter system is in a 75cl re-usable plastic bottle costing £24.95 that can be dishwasher cleaned. The filter (packs of 2 for £14.95) will each last around 3 months and individually purify a total of 200 litres water. 200 litres of mineral water bought in 50cl bottles would in the UK, cost £400 – with Water-to-Go it costs only 1.5p per 50cl compared with £1.00. *

The Water-to-go filter technology was developed for NASA in the USA. It eliminates 99.9% of viruses, bacteria and bad odours and taste from water whilst retaining the beneficial minerals such as sodium and magnesium.

Many business travellers are now, after security checks, refilling Water to Go bottles in airport departure lounge washrooms to avoid expensive airport or airline bottled water. Backpackers can reduce the weight on their backs significantly by carrying just a 75cl refillable Water to Go bottle and refilling it free.


We drink water to cleanse the body and to avoid dehydration when thirsty. Dehydration can cause headaches, tiredness and loss of concentration, affecting alertness, so adequate hydration is particularly necessary for any activity requiring a good mental performance, such as driving, studying or staying alert when you are away from home.


Each day millions of people in the UK buy one or more plastic bottles of mineral water and throw away the empties – of which only 12% are recycled.

Water-to-Go is ideal for cost conscious, healthy living, environmentally aware people in recessionary times. Anyone buying 5 x 50cl bottles a week (many people buy much more) will make a saving of around £250 per year with Water to Go.

Everyone is familiar with the miracle of turning water into wine – well this is a modern day miracle designed to turn polluted water into drinking water in your pocket. There’s no catch, just proven NASA technology for under 3p per litre.

Full information is available from: www.watertogo.eu or call 01582 841412