Medical Physics Team From Leicester Royal Infirmary Wins £5,000 Innovation Voucher

A team from University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust is celebrating winning funding worth £5,000 to progress its idea for a medical technology product in the first Innovation Voucher Scheme launched by Health Enterprise East (HEE), the NHS Innovation Hub for the Eastern Region.

Glen Bush and Julie Wooldridge from Clinical Engineering and Elizabeth Davies, a Clinical Scientist from Radiation Protection have created a small device to check the compliance of individuals wearing a personal dosimeter, a badge designed to monitor the amount of radiation they are exposed to.

Medical Physics Team From Leicester Royal Infirmary Wins £5,000 Innovation Voucher
Initial testing on the device has already been undertaken with promising results and now the team aims to use the Voucher to determine how best to protect the Intellectual Property (IP) of the device for this use, before taking it to personal dosimetry badge manufacturers to consider for licensing.

Chris Armstrong, Marketing Manager at HEE said: “Congratulations to the team at Leicester for its award-winning idea. This is our first Innovation Voucher Scheme focused on medical technology which was designed to support the development of new ideas. It was open to all levels of staff at all our member Trusts and we were overwhelmed to receive 42 entries of a very high standard which made the judges’ job very difficult indeed. Sixteen of these came from University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust which was an outstanding contribution!

“We look forward to working with the team to develop its idea and hopefully take it through the development process to commercialisation”.

Elizabeth Davies added: “We were delighted to hear that we’d won the Innovation Vouchers. Our device was designed to help determine whether staff members are wearing their personal dosimeters, in response to the Radiation Protection team experiencing difficulties monitoring this.”

HEE’s Innovation Voucher Scheme invited ideas for medical devices, clinical equipment, diagnostic assays and kits or software applications. The Voucher can be used to progress the idea in terms of feasibility research, product design and development or filing IP, patents or design rights.

Image: The winning team from Leicester Royal Infirmary, left to right: Glen Bush, Chris Armstrong (Health Enterprise East), Claire Greaves, Julie Wooldridge and Elizabeth Davies.