How To Lose Your House & Home Fracking Hell!

You will be hearing and seeing a lot of information in the media soon on how to spend the billions and trillions of gas under our feet. But what we are not being told is that all that glitters is not gold. Water, the most precious commodity we possess is being wasted all in the pursuit of obtaining this cheap gas.

Fracking is a very water intensive project requiring vast amounts and consequently with the drilling companies buying the water rights to the land, many farms and communities have been drained dry in the USA. This now contaminated water may contain elements harmful to our health. When pumping all this water into the ground it has to go somewhere and water as we know has a tendency to go where it wants. Thus leading to contamination of the water supply. This becomes a problem because we don’t know what is actually in the water. An amendment by Dick Cheney in congress recently allowed these companies to keep secret what chemicals were contained in the water as 'intellectual property' - its all on a need to know basis, which does not include us!

When you look at areas in the USA like Texas over 20 years (and what a fracking shambles that has turned out to be). In one area a 'small' sink hole used for exploration can now fit an eight storey building in, and surprise surprise the town has a water shortage! Although Texas is about eight times the size of the UK. If we were to allow these companies to contaminate our water in the UK, where would we go from here? We are after all

an island. The USA is vast and they have the space for all this exploration unlike ourselves. We were told we would receive billions in revenue from north sea gas and oil but what have we got to show for it? Not as clever as other oil producing countries like Norway with over £900 billion, nor with Kuwait £1,800 billion (and still climbing) who have bought our airports, and top companies around the world with their sovereign wealth.

Back to the USA, residents near these sites have also been known to collapse in their properties due to toxic fumes, they say this could be caused by swamp gas but the jury is out on this, however there’s no smoke without fire. Looking at the big picture you may not be able to insure your house nor raise a mortgage near to one of these sites, as shown in the USA. Governments are notorious for changing the rules and if your property is uninhabitable it becomes worthless. I can guarantee those urging for this to go ahead dont live within a 100 mile radius of these sites.

I could go on and on, but don't take my word for it, we are not suggesting it is a bad idea but let’s not go rushing in head first, it could after all be a lot of talk about nothing. Lets do the testing but then put into place measures to safeguard all of us and our properties by some fair-minded individuals. It could be a good future for some but hell for others, so educate yourself.