Spare a thought for the birds this Winter

Spare a thought for the birds this WinterHOUSEHOLDS are being urged to spare a thought for the birds this Winter, to help them survive during blustery and wet conditions.

Unlike many other creatures, birds live for the moment, feeding on whatever is available to maintain their body weight and survive each day to the next. It’s a tough life and many don’t make it through the Winter. This is where Peckish bird food, provided by Westland Horticulture can help.

Help your garden birds survive and thrive by supplementing their diet, providing safe shelter and a clean supply of drinking water. Choose energy rich bird food or suet treats, such as Peckish Daily Goodness Nuggets. These are a great choice as they can be presented in feeders, on bird tables or even on the ground, so that every type of garden bird can benefit. Each nugget contains a nutritious combination of high-energy suet, seeds and high protein mealworms, mimicking their natural diet and providing birds with all the energy and nutrients they need to stay healthy and full of life. Feed daily as part of your bird food offering and feed more often if temperatures start to drop.

During the cold, winter months, a great choice for birds is Peckish Winter Warmer. This mix is especially designed for when it can be a real struggle for birds to find enough food during daylight hours to maintain their body weight. Small birds in particular suffer the most, as their small body mass means they lose weight the quickest, and every flight to forage for food needs to count. By feeding them a very high quality bird food, such as Peckish Winter Warmer you can guarantee that you’re giving them the very best chance of surviving.