Alfresco Delights From Queniborough!

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La Vie has recently celebrated their 100th edition (see pages 90-91) and invited Ian to bring some samples of his award winning pork pies (all decorated with 100 - Thanks Ian) to our celebration, for our clients to sample. WOW a head turner to say the least. They went down a storm, even those who didn’t like pork pies were really impressed, there were some amazing comments “didn’t know they could taste like this”, “Pastry and meat combination unbelievable”, “Going over at the weekend to get some more” and “I’m going back for seconds”

Alfresco Delights From Queniborough!
Once word got around there was a stampede to the table, and suffice to say at the end of the evening it was difficult to find a crumb left on the plate! We do know why though, as we witnessed the pork pies were carefully wrapped in serviettes and taken with them - but what a massive compliment to Ian and his team at Clarke’s.

With regards to the sausages which were also kindly donated, as soon as they came out from the kitchen they were wolfed down. They received great accolade even from those who were not partial to them. One particular person who would not touch them unless they were hand-made tried them, and we were sent the very next day to collect 2lb of them! Were any left at the end of the evening? You’ve got it - not a sausage!

This was a mass tasting session, which more than 8 of 10 people (I think 10 out of 10) truly appreciated the quality and taste of his products - now do you believe us when we say, you really have to try this produce. In this day and age of mass production with steroids pumped into animals, at least Clarke’s knows his farmers, where his meat comes from and more importantly how the cattle are treated and what they have been fed.

Hopefully Summer is here and we are all looking to sit outside and fire up the BBQ. On offer at Clarke’s this summer is a mouth-watering array guaranteed to keep your guests satisfied long after the sun has gone down.

All 8oz burgers are hand made using only the best cuts of meat. Beef is combined with black pepper and caramelised onion, Lamb has added mint and the succulent Pork has added apple. The Kebabs are all chicken breast and varieties are Piri-Piri, lemon pepper and Cajun, Pork comes in Mustard, Smokey BBQ and Sticky Maple and the Lamb in Mint, Greek and Mediterranean (We obviously do not have enough space to list all toppings so pop in to see the rest on offer). You can also treat yourselves to the delicious spare ribs and the flavours on choice are Chinese, Maple and plumb. Yum! For the more adventurous ask for Buffalo or Ostrich. A brilliant accompaniment to your meal is their fabulous range of French lemonade, it looks impressive and tastes great too.

Alfresco Delights From Queniborough!I know I’m going to sound like a broken record on this one, but you must try Clarke’s award winning bacon, just ask Ian for a sample to try and you will be back for more, once tasted there is no going back.

Ian has also noticed that there are a lot more young professionals frequenting the shop, and it’s great to see new faces. They want the real deal (like the rest of us) and don’t mind spending the extra pennies for top quality prime meat, this has got to be the way forward - knowing what you are ingesting, you owe it to yourself.

This is just not your run of the mill butchers, oh no Clarke’s is far more than that including a cheese counter with an assortment to suit all taste buds and one of the most popular one at the moment, which was voted the best in the world, is Claxstone smooth blue, so make sure you pick up some crackers here to compliment your choice. You can also wander around the chutney and pickle section to really set your snack off. You will not be going to the till with an empty basket that’s for sure. So take time to discover Clarke’s of Queniborough for yourself.

Ready Steady Cook...

Recently visiting Ian, he mentioned that the ready meal range was really taking off, I questioned him on this as he was unsure why this was happening to which I replied, maybe it was because in the magazine we are always writing about the quality of these products, to which he relented and thought this may be the reason why.

Clarke’s have been producing fine quality hand-made frozen food ready meals since 1988 and all meals are hand-made in small batches on the premises in their own kitchens. The meals start at £3.25 and although you may think they are more expensive than your local supermarket brand,

if you think about it logically that’s nothing for a meal which is wholesome, delicious and one that you can actually eat, We all know my favourite ready meal from Clarke’s is their delicious fish pie - I recently purchased one from a local supermarket (£2.50) and thought I would give it a go. What an utter disappointment! - There was a mountain of sloppy white lumpy mash and any fish that was supposed to be in there must have swam away ages ago! It was totally inedible and what the slime was in there I do not know (answers on a postcard please!) This ‘meal’ was probably

doing me more harm than good! As we have mentioned before, how can you buy 4 meat pies for £1.00 when that doesn’t even cover the cost of the pastry? - heaven knows what the ‘filling' is then.

You see the beauty about Clarke’s products is there are no saturated fats, additives nor ‘E’ numbers or GM crops included - you get exactly what it says on the packet. Sourcing the finest top quality fresh ingredients, all locally grown and reared and produced where possible. Ian can even tell you where the potatoes have been grown! and it if says it’s beef, chicken or pork you can absolutely guarantee that is what you will be eating, what better promise is there than that? Especially due to the recent food scandals.

These meals are perfect, not just for the occasional treat but for every day, we are lucky here at La Vie having sampled the complete range and not once have we been disappointed. Take one home and try for yourself and with ‘the girls in the back’ continuing to come up with more tasty and satisfying recipes the range just keeps on growing.

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