Another Year Over, Can You Believe It?

No sooner have I finished writing for one Countryside La Vie, sat back with a cuppa and enjoyed flicking through the glossy pages of the magazine, it come around again and off I go on another literary journey.

It has been a funny couple of months, the weather has been warmer than normal which has been great as we have been able.

Another Year Over, Can You Believe It?
to crack on with lots of land work, so now have a long list of rainy day jobs for when that day comes! We had a successful Harvest Festival in aid of LOROS raising over £1,000 and as this is going to print the Christmas Market will be in full flow, again in aid of LOROS, so fingers crossed they will be getting a nice large cheque for Christmas all thanks to the generosity of The Roots Family - local people and Roots shoppers.

As the Christmas rush begins, trees are hanging and turkey orders are coming in, there is no need to worry if you haven’t quite finished (or if you are

anything like me – started) your Christmas shopping. We can make up hampers, full of goodies and treats to suit anyone, offering the perfect gifts not just for Christmas but any occasion. In fact, if you have finished all of your shopping then why not pop in and treat yourself?

Don’t forget that all-important present – for the animals in your life, the feed shed is full of food for everything from horses to hounds and cats to canaries, with little treats for these special furry friends. Never fear if your special feed or treat is not in stock, just let us know and I will do my best to order them for you.

Another Year Over, Can You Believe It?It is this time of year that you think about all the changes you are going to make next year, eat less, exercise more, do more for charity, take up a hobby, the list goes on, but this year I have decided to stick with the philosophy we have in Coffee Corner – enjoy a bit of me time! As we get older and work takes priority, days turn into weeks and you realise you have not taken a bit of time out just for you, to catch up with friends, to sit and enjoy a glossy magazine like Countryside La Vie, or to just take some time out. If you need somewhere to do that, why not call in for a coffee and maybe a slice of cake, or arrange to meet a friend that you haven’t seen in a while and have a good old catch up over a cuppa.

As I look back over 2014 so much has happened, we had kinder weather in the New Year, a fine summer, marked 100 years since the start of the war, lost some fine people and gained some great friends and customers at Roots. On the farm we have had break downs of machinery and days where we have been able to rumble away into the small hours, saw numerous chickens

hatch and a few disappear to birds of prey too! Have settled animals that no longer try to escape (the goats) and more cups of coffee served than any of us expected, so now - having done our bit for charity this year, eaten too much, exercised too little and not found time for a hobby I think I am due a bit of ‘me time’, so you will find me in Coffee Corner, with a cappuccino and a slice of Roots crunch with my copy of Countryside La Vie, ready to welcome all of you for your own bit of ‘me time’.