Make One Simple Change This Year

Happy New Year one and all – can you believe another Christmas is over, all of that madness is behind us for another year, I know I am getting older as more than once I found myself telling people - it seems to arrive earlier and earlier every year!

Now it is all over, there has been a lot of talk already about healthy eating, reducing sugar, eating less and moving more – you know the usual, I say just buy good wholesome local food and only buy what you need – save money, support local and enjoy being out in the fresh air, love our county, the wind, the rain and the cold snaps – embrace it all.

Make One Simple Change This Year
We have also had the January supermarket war, not selling as much as they should have done in December. Therefore pushing food at crazy prices, including reducing the price of milk further – which as an ex-dairy farming family really upsets me. We had to diversify to stay afloat after selling our herd, there is no way we could have survived with milk prices as they are today. We all need to do our bit and support the local dairy farmers by not buying this crazily cheap milk, so they can get paid for the milk they are producing. You can imagine the heated debates we have over a milky tea in our house!!

I never made a resolution this year – that way I knew I wouldn’t break it, but a new year is great for new starts, so how about we ALL make one change. We all made one just over a year ago and it has made a huge difference ..........

This last year has been a busy one, bit by bit, we have made small changes to the shop and the farm, as well as at home. Since I admitted that I may have needed a bit of help to fully fulfil my dreams at Roots, I persuaded my wife to give up corporate life as she was never at home to have my tea on the table! So she joined me and fully embraced life as a farmers wife – although I do think she thought it would be lots of tea drinking and long lunches with friends, instead it is 7 days a week, but she secretly loves it!

Obviously I was only joking about having my tea on the table – but this does bring me onto a change we made and one that is so simple, but can have such huge benefits to your home life. Although we are both on the farm it is nice to catch up and we have made sure we do this over food .... Not late at night, not with a take away, not over something grabbed from a convenience store. Simply by cooking, taking local ingredients and making something yummy, one cooking, one prepping or tidying, sometimes one of us just sat in the kitchen chatting to the other. We are far healthier and happier for doing this and we haven’t had to join a gym or cut out the things we like, just eating sensibly and enjoying it.

Make One Simple Change This Year
My sister and her husband have really busy jobs down in London, but they always make time to catch up in the kitchen, no television on, just the two of them catching up about their day while preparing food, and when they are really busy however a Cooks Kitchen meal – homemade cooking that has been prepared for you, allows them time to catch up whilst preparing the veg!!

This is not just a romantic couples catch up, we have friends who have told us at least once a week they involve the children with the food preparation too, homemade pizza with everyone adding their own toppings, little jobs like grating cheese or setting the table, while merrily chatting about days at school. Just making time at least once a week to spend cooking, chatting and enjoying each others company and local ingredients.

I know we are incredibly lucky to be able to spend this time together and lucky that we get on so well! but it makes such a difference to enjoy food and each others company, it really is amazing what you can do with a potato and a bit of imagination. If you can make one change this year that you stick to, forget fad diets, cutting out sugar, joining a gym, why not buy local and spend at least one evening cooking together.

We have a busy spring and summer coming up at Roots with all sorts of exciting events happening so watch out for details of things we know you won’t want to miss, including pop up events, new product lines and a taste of Roots out and about. There are also some very exciting food related events that we can all celebrate:

British Pie Week – 2nd – 8th March
Did you know we eat 75 million pies a month in Great Britain – that is a lot of pie, will you be doing your bit this week to add to that total?

Mothering Sunday – Sunday 15th March
Now don’t forget all those special mums out there, breakfast in bed is always a winner (pop in and see us and I am sure we can help you out with the perfect breakfast for the perfect mum)

Pancake Day (Shrove Tuesday) – Tuesday 17th March
Also St Patricks Day, so maybe you will need to add an Irish tipple to your pancake this year. Are you brave enough to flip the pancake out of the pan? Do you like traditional sugar and lemon or to make up wonderful toppings? Do you make sweet and savoury pancakes?

Well there is a lot to look forward to, especially all that food, I am not sure if I am more excited about, pancakes or pies – obviously I will give them all the same amount of eating!!

Best get back to the farm,
looking forward to seeing you soon at Roots
George x