Oaklands, Leicester Ltd.

A family-run business established in 1911, based in Blaby. Their new modern showroom emphasises their dedicated approach to design. 

Working with the latest design software Oaklands can really focus on the creation of your dream living space. The designers at Oakland work alongside the client, listening to their ideas and always put the quality of the project before anything else.

Dream living spaces cannot be created overnight, it takes time to get the layout of the room design correct. Oaklands are not just there to plonk boxes in a room, a good kitchen design company cares about the project as much as the client and this is where they excel.

With modern living the way it is today, there is a need to create bright and airy open living spaces where the family can come together, the kitchen is the hub of the home and not just somewhere to shove mum to cook dinner as it was in the past.

To accommodate your dream living space Oaklands will survey the existing area and then discuss your requirements. They will then translate this into a well designed plan using their latest 3D technical software. Bi-fold doors/ French doors are a good example of how to give the living space a more open feel and helps to bring the outside in. Sometimes it can be just as simple as moving a doorway or altering window positions, an extension is not always the answer, design plays a large part of getting it right.

Lighting also plays an important role in getting the ambience of the room right. Bright LED’s are great in the kitchen area especially when preparing food, but in a living area with a cosy snug or a nice dining setting you don’t necessarily need bright light, this can sometimes be overlooked when setting out your design ideas.

Investing in the house that you already have can create the home you want without breaking the bank and eliminating all the stress of moving.