Freshen up your look on board...


Imagine arriving in your cabin, dreaming of cocktails, cabaret and the Captain’s Table, only to find your carefully packed suitcase is full of creased, crumpled garments. All your best-laid plans of dressing to impress quickly go out the porthole! This summer Go Travel unveils the perfect solution with its convenient Garment Steamer. Making it effortless to instantly refresh and remove creases from even the most delicate fabrics, the Garment Steamer provides 15 minutes of continuous steam for pristine clothing in minutes.

An ideal alternative to the unpredictability of a borrowed iron, the Garment Steamer uses a steady flow of steam to gently and safely remove creases from all types of clothing. Eradicating the worry of scorching or damaging your favourite shirt or dress, the Garment Steamer can be used confidently on delicate fabrics such as lace and silk. It is perfect for formal attire. Unlike an iron, the convenient steamer also makes it easy to remove creases from pleated or textured sections, as well as hard to reach areas.

With a compact design and removable brush head that stores neatly for travel, the Garment Steamer fits easily inside a bag or case without weighing it down. The Steamer’s practical, hand-held design means there is no need for an ironing board – ideal if your cabin is a little more bijou than expected. For rooms with awkwardly located plug sockets, the Garment Steamer features a handy, extra-long 2.5m power cord for greater convenience.

Whatever the port of departure, this convenient steamer is designed with dual voltage to accompany travellers across the seven seas.

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