Art by Barbara Taylor-Harris

Barbara Taylor-Harris, local Rutland artist receives international recognition for her innovative, magical techniques combining molten plastic from a 3d pen with paint to create unique paintings and sculptures.  Her work has received international recognition and been featured by the premier 3D pen makers 3Doodler on their USA website. The 3doodlers are available on in the UK for Xmas.  If you are thinking about buying one visit Barbara’s exhibition for expert advice when she returns to Victoria Hall Gallery, High Street, Oakham on 10th  December. She will be giving demonstrations on how to use the pen.  Her work caught the imagination of the public who voted her their People’s Choice in the recent and highly successful Art in Lyddington 2015 Exhibition.  Barbara’s exhibition, Serendipitous Inspiration will be at the Victoria Hall Gallery, in High Street, Oakham opening on Wednesday 9 December until Sunday 21 December. 

Barbara is a very creative and innovative artist who likes to push artistic boundaries and experiment with unusual materials and new media. Over the last 18 months she has developed a cutting edge, mixed media technique incorporating 3d pen with paint. The 3d pen uses ABS/PLA plastic filament and produces a continuous thread of molten plastic, which can be hand drawn onto a surface or built up to form 3 dimensional images and forms.  The 3d pen plastic is combined in Barbara’s paintings as any other mixed media material and becomes an integral textural part of the painting. Her Summer Collection featured her two latest series called Willow Dream and Everglade Reflection plus some individual 3d pen paintings and sculptures.  The key pieces to this collection are already sold. 

Barbara works on themes, which come together to form this large Xmas exhibition. There will be signature pieces for her new theme Autumn Lakeside. The exhibition will also have many smaller pieces ideal for that original and unique Xmas gift.  Barbara will be at the exhibition daily and will be happy to talk about her art work and show her innovative 3D pen technique. She has given local demonstrations and in the summer demonstrated for an International Artists’ Day in the Picasso Museum Area of Malaga. Her work has been exhibited in exhibitions in Spain and the UK, featured in Aesthetica and Aspire magazines and Contemporary International Artists Volume 1X.  She has recently been awarded a Certificate of Recognition for Innovatory and Unique Art 2015 and the Crystal Wave Award for Creative Innovation and Fine Art 2015 by Aspire Magazine. She is a Verified Artist for Artists Info, Global Art Directory and matchmaker of the art world.

Her Xmas exhibition at Victoria Hall will also show the broad range of art work Barbara creates. As a mixed media painter she works in a variety of materials and styles painting many, different subjects and themes. Her sculpture background gives her a love of form and texture, which is reflected, in most of her paintings. She specialises in highly original, heavily textured and sculpted painting techniques with a strong emphasis on light, movement, mood and atmosphere.  

Barbara exhibits regularly and usually has 2 solo exhibitions each year as well as participating in group shows with other artists and societies she belongs to, locally and internationally.  Recently she has had paintings on exhibition in The Exploding Pomegranate Exhibition, Chite, Spain and the Past and Present Exhibition in New Walk Museum, Leicester; Eyebrook Gallery and NorthStreetEast Gallery, Uppingham, Rutland.  Commissions form a steady painting activity and she enjoys the challenge of understanding her clients' ideas and giving them form in finished paintings.  As a Professional Associate for the Society of All Artists Barbara runs workshops for art groups and individual tuition days. Barbara is Chair of Art in Lyddington, a prestigious, annual charity exhibition for over 50 artists. 

To view some of Barbara's work, check out our artist's gallery.