Delicious Winter Food From Clarkes

HamClarke's of Queniborough have had a fantastic summer A must buy this year are Clarke's succulent free range stuffed 

with their home made burgers and kebabs going down a treat. The colder Autumn nights are drawing in and our thoughts turn to winter warmers to keep our tummies full and warm. Try one of Clarke's belly busting family pies, and when we say ‘Family Sized’ rest assured no one will leave the table hungry and these will definitely feed a family of six. they are not for the feint hearted and weigh like a brick! Packed to the brim with chunks of top quality locally sourced meat, with a tasty gravy all surrounded by a delicious shortcrust pastry. The images speak for themselves. The mouth watering choices available are Steak & Ale, Steak & Mushroom and the ever popular Steak & Kidney. The Chicken pies come with an option of fillings, either with mushrooms or ham & leek. These pies will soon become a family favourite any night of the week, excellent value for money goes without saying. Not only do you know a nutritious meal has been served for all the family to enjoy, all the hand made pies contain no additives, GM produce or preservatives. 

Alternatively treat yourselves to Clarke's sumptuous beef wellington, again, a prime cut of beef fillet topped with paté & mushroom and enveloped in a delicate puff pastry, ideal for a family get together or adding that WOW factor to a glamorous dinner party. 

Clarke’s home made honey roast ham is delicious, unlike the thin watery scraps you find in the supermarket, these slices stay moist and tasty. Ian sources the meat himself from Packington Farm, guaranteeing you have the best delivered to your plate. 

A must buy this year are Clarke's succulent free range stuffed Turkey crowns. The stuffing is hand made with pan fried onions and bacon mixed with fresh herbs, pork sausage meat and breadcrumbs. These turkey crowns are very economical and with no bones there is no waste, plus they couldn't be easier to carve. Of course Whole Turkeys can be ordered from Ian in time for Christmas and they are supplied from Kirks Farm in Barkby. If you feel more adventurous this year why not try something a little different and purchase a Goose from Croxton Kerrial, or Cockerels from Packington-Free Range. 

Clarke's award winning pork pies - we keep telling you, are truly delicious, We are proud to say we have converted many (which was not a hard task!) 

These delectable hand made pies will soon be coming to a retailer near you. Remember, a pork pie is for life not just for Christmas! The new range of hand made pork pies, which are topped with Red Leicester or Blue Stilton and caramelised onion chutney are proving extremely popular and they find it hard to keep up with demand! 

The cheese counter at Clarke's offers a wide assortment to suit all taste buds from mild cheddar's, Gorgonzola, Wensledale & Cranberry to of course Red Leicester and Stilton. A popular product at the moment (and voted one of the best in the world) is produced by Long Clawson Dairy - Claxstone. Hand-crafted with a soft, creamy texture and a mild blue taste. It is gentle and delicate compared to other blues, yet still has that recognisable blue flavour. Unusually, it is produced to be eaten straight from the fridge. All the cheeses match perfectly with the variety of cheese crackers on offer in store, you can opt for crackers from around the world – even from Denmark and Sweden. Don't forget to add some pickles and chutneys which compliment the cheeses and pork pies perfectly. 

The ready meals are still going strong and are not only available to buy from Clarkes of Queniborough but at selected village stores (listed right). The range is too extensive to mention but a full list can be found on Clarke’s website. These convenient wholesome meals start from just £3.00 and considering the quality of ingredients found in these meals they are ridiculously cheap in comparison with supermarkets, at least Ian can tell you where all his ingredients are from! Suitable for Children, students and busy families, you are assured of top notch healthy meals with no E numbers, additives or preservatives. These ready meals are perfect for the elderly so tell gran to put away the pan and pop the oven on instead!  

Don't forget to try Clarke's award winning bacon and sausages - you didn't think I'd forget to tell you that did you? Ask for a sample on your next visit. 


29 Main Street, Queniborough, Leicestershire. LE7 3DB 0116 2606383