It's all about togetherness and teamwork

Well this time last year I was writing to tell you about our little bundle of joy Harriet and her speedy and surprising arrival, a year has passed and we have 

celebrated a first birthday on the same day as a very important football match! Now many of you will know I am a rugby man but always kept a close eye on the football and have never been swayed to support any other teams due to their sporting prowess! Why would I? I am proud to be from Leicester, everything we stand for in the shop is about supporting local so why would I not support our local teams throughout the good times and the bad. 

Although Harriet's first birthday was obviously a momentous occasion we did divide the house as our boys in blue stepped onto the pitch against Man United, boys and beer in one room, girls and babies with cake and prosecco and a much smaller television in another room, there was tension in the air and after a draw none of us could wait for the following evening, when I say none of us I mean the whole county must have been glued to a game that a year ago we never would have considered watching. Whoever would have thought it, premiership champions, little old Leicester, and a game of football bringing people together, spreading happiness and giving the city the boost it so richly deserves. 

It is that togetherness and teamwork that makes for a great city, team, shop, farm and even family, just like our boys in blue it just goes to show working together and believing in yourself can lead to great things. If I had not had the support of my family, friends and wife I don't think I would ever have believed eight years on I would be charging ride on animals, fitting a bike rack and wondering if I could get anymore tables in the coffee shop, the power of positive thinking, a good support network and hard work is incredible. 

Would you believe it as well, they say the secret to success was not just down to teamwork, togetherness, focus and belief - but beetroot juice! We have been selling beetroot juice for years and my dad has a shot a day and he is up and about the farm before I even get there! Dad swears by it to reduce cholesterol, and I am convinced it is his secret weapon, there are days I just can't keep up with him! With summer just around the corner we have some amazing smoothies some of which contain beetroot I think I will be adding that to my daily routine to keep up with Dad and the cities winning team. 

On a brief moment off we used some of our new found beetroot energy to discover one of Leicester's hidden gems - 'that Leicester City wall'. We met Richard the artist who is just brilliant and one of the most genuine people we have ever met, his artwork is amazing, lifelike and truly inspirational. If you haven't been and seen this yet you should take a trip to Kate Street and check out Richard’s website; 

Harriet loved waving her flag for Richard and watching him work, if like us you have a little one, we are very lucky to be able to tell you that Jo Jingles will be running classes in the parlour from Thursday 9th June, if you are interested the first session is a taster and free, you just have to contact Jo Jingles and register - it seems Fliss has found a way of being at work while not missing out on all the fun of being a mummy!! 

Right, smoothie finished, I best get back to it as I am sure while I have been writing Fliss and Mum have come up with a list of things for me to do! 

See you soon at Roots 

George x