Hints & Tips: For August / September by David Greaves

These hot summer months may badly scorch your lawn and so to prevent this occurring, raise your mower blades to help reduce the drought stress on your grass. 

Now is also the time to prune your wisteria and also any summer fruits. Don’t forget to deadhead your flowering plants on a regular basis to promote new growth, especially hanging baskets, as these need plenty of water and feeding too. Prune climbing and rambling roses that do not repeat flower or produce attractive hips, once the flowers have finished. Ensure you keep all of your containers well watered, preferably using recycled rain water and check your ponds and water features regularly to see if they need topping up too. Whilst checking the water level remove blanket weed and duckweed from ponds and don’t forget to net them in september before leaf fall begins. Cut back the foliage and stems of herbaceous plants that have already died back, however don’t cut off the the flower heads of ornamental grasses, as these will provide winter interest in your garden. Dig up any remaining potatoes before slug damage can spoil them. 

Once you have done all of this then feed the soil with green manure to put back much needed nutrients. Finally plant out your flowering bulbs in September and pick any Autumn raspberries. 

With all of these jobs completed you can now sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labour with a well earned rest.