Byocycles Chameleon Folding Electric Bike...

Readers of this magazine will undoubtedly have seen previous articles on Electric or E Bikes. In this edition we focus on the Byocycles Chameleon folding Electric bike. 

As you will see from the attached pictures you have the opportunity to fit this into many places where a full size bike could never go! 

The Byocycle is one of many of the new generation E Bikes. It uses a 36 volt Lithium battery which can give a range of pedal assisted cycling up to 30 miles. 

The electric motive power is provided by a 250 watt hub motor in the rear wheel. For the less technical reader this means you have a strong motor capable of up to 15 mph which will happily help you up steep hills and into a good headwind. It really is so simple. You pedal and it joins you in providing a surprising amount of punch. 

This model comes complete with a carrier, mudguards, a stand and lights and is sensibly priced at £849. 

E bikes can be ridden by anyone over 14 years of age, and require no licence, tax, insurance or MOT. They provide real door to door travel and can be parked almost anywhere. 

As with non electric bikes, you should not ride on the pavement, but Leicester now has a good number of designated cycle routes providing great short cuts around the city. 

The folding capability gives great flexibility to link riding with driving or other forms of travel such as trains and buses. One example would be for the commuter using car parking on the outskirts and riding the last few miles on the bike. The saving on car parking fees would pay for the E Bikes in a relatively short time. 

Similarly, those leisure parks such as Rutland Water can be tackled by driving, parking and riding. 

An E bike might be seen as an easy option providing little exercise, but studies have shown that the assistance provided by the motor allows a level of fitness to be achieved without undue strain. 

In fact cycling becomes a pleasure, riding is easy and longer distances simply shrink. Many owners find that they make far more use of the E Bike than they ever imagined. 

The Byocycle folds in the middle, the handlebars drop down and the pedals tuck in. The battery is removable, leaving the bike surprisingly light to lift into the back of almost any car. 

Talking of batteries, the bike comes with an intelligent charger, taking up to 6 hours for a recharge, and costing only pennies. Battery life is reckoned on 3 to 4 years use. 

Clearly, if this article has whet your appetite then the next logical step is to see and ride one. 

Grand Prix Scooters is your Leicester dealer for this E Bike brand and offers over 60 E Bikes on sale at any one time covering no less than 8 makes with many many models. 

No obligation test rides are offered with plenty of demo bikes. Some models are even available with interest free finance. 

Much more information is also available on their website: 

Grand Prix are open till 7pm on Tuesdays to Thursdays and ‘till 5 on Fridays and Saturdays. 

Leicesters LARGEST Electric Bike Centre. Boston Road. LE4 1AW O116 235 7595