Top Tips for a Good Night's Sleep

Research from mattress experts Drift Sleep shows that 25% of us get too hot at night - so how can we keep cool when the temperature rises? Here are some tips to drift off and stay there all night 

1. It sounds obvious but in the UK we drink 70 million cups of coffee per day and 165 million cups of tea - not only does it keep your mind awake it also raises your heart rate which increases your body temperature. Ditch the coffee people - it needs at least 6 hours to clear the system! 

2. If you can afford it, get a new mattress. One with lots of springs. The more springs, the less your partner's movements will disrupt your dreams, keeping your body at an even temperature. Try Drift Sleep - 4,000 pocket springs and a natural sleep surface made with wool from Yorkshire sheep, what could be better? 

3. While we're on the subject, make sure you don't go for memory foam. It's notorious for causing overheating as it's an insulator and doesn't promote airflow, which in English means it will make you very hot. Weirdly, wool is mother nature's way of regulating temperature - sheep are neither too cold in winter or too hot in summer. Who knew? So that lovely Yorkshire wool in a Drift mattress will keep you cool. 

4. The longer your sheets are in use the damper they get, with your perspiration. Moisture adds to the weight of the linen which will interfere with your sleep. When surveyed 45% of people said clean sheets helped them sleep. So change the sheets regularly, once a week preferably, and go for the highest threadcount you can afford. 

5. Keep the room cool. It's pretty easily done in the UK, just open a window. But if it's noisy you'll need some earplugs as 48% of people can't sleep due to outside noise. 

6. Stressing about day to day activities can cause anxiety-inducing temperature increases. Keep a notebook by your bed to write down anything you are worried about missing, if you wake up. 

7. We can't all have huge bedrooms with sweeping views across the country, but the bigger the bed the better you'll sleep. Cuddling up with your nearest and dearest sounds nice but in reality it'll just make you hotter. So choose the biggest bed you can fit into your room. 

8. Did you know that some foods and drinks induce sleep better than others? Salmon, rice, spinach, milk and almonds all promote sleep. The magnesium found in spinach in particular plays a key role in deactivating adrenaline, whilst typtophan in milk and almonds is an amino acid which converts first into seratonin and then into melatonin which helps regulate sleep. 

9. Finally invest in some gorgeous cotton pyjamas, they will help your skin breathe, unlike manmade fibres that tend to trap moisture and make you hot and generally uncomfortable. 

All research is from a survey of 1,000 UK adults conducted by Atomik Research for Drift Sleep