Food Fads And A Farm Shop, By A ‘Modern’ Farmer

Happy New Year, I hope you all had a relaxing and enjoyable Christmas and this grey weather has not halted any New Year resolutions. 

With it being a little on the chilly side Dad and I have spent many a damp morning having a good old sort out on the farm and in the office, this has had me thinking a lot about growing up on the farm, how different things were then and how things look set to change even more in the future. I remember when Dad used to cut thousands of stems of brussels in the run up to Christmas and that was when we were selling from the farm gate, he just couldn’t cut fast enough, things are a bit different now, I will be lucky if my girls even think of them as a Christmas ‘must have’ let alone a winter vegetable! 

As we were bagging up potatoes the other morning we were working out this year’s yield and how many we should have left after Christmas, the soil was not great but we had good potatoes, yet have more than usual left. On the farm we know the shift in what people eat at what time of year, how people no longer eat to the seasons due to supermarkets importing food 365 days a year. This is the first time we have ever seen diets, appearance and all these training guides affecting potato sales. When I was at university I took a sack of spuds with me each term and with potatoes in the cupboard always had meals, now it is all sweet potato, beans and pulses, things are so different, I am guessing the sales of red meat are down too if any of the (many) fad diets Fliss has tried are anything to go by; what is wrong with enjoying your food and just eating less and moving more? 

As well as chewing the fat over food trends, tractor types, farm changes, I have realized just how much I have changed since becoming a Dad and now with two girls life is so very different. How we function as a family, what we all enjoy doing verses what we spent our time doing, ideas of holidays and days out. I realize just how selfish we were with our time before children and how things that took ages before only take minutes now! Life is all about our girls and spending time together because it is so precious and goes just too quickly – Imagine what Harriet and Rosabella will be doing at my age and if it involves the farm, how archaic they will think I had it, when I see myself as a ‘modern’ farmer!! 

Fliss says she thinks about lots of things differently since becoming a Mum and she sure does cry a lot more at crazy things like adverts and baby grows. We have always taken choosing charities we raise money for very seriously each year, but somehow even this has changed, as we remind ourselves how lucky we are with every charity we choose. Last year, we – the collective Roots Family, were able to give money to MND, Queniborough Pre-School, Adapt, MIND, CALM, Brain Tumor Research and Rainbows and we never want our fund raising to end. This year choosing the charity is harder than ever as every story reminds us just what we have and so much to be thankful for. 

Despite all the changes in trends, foods, diets, charities in need, some things will remain the same – like the busy event calendar Fliss and Mum have been working on, these really are dates for your diary, so why not cut out and pin on your fridge and come and see us at Roots – if you are feeling really retro and crazy why not treat yourself to a bag of spuds! 

See you soon at Roots George x