Planting the Seeds in My Future Farmers!


It’s planting time on the farm and this year I have had a little helper, Harriet really has earned her Farmer title! I have always joked and said to the girls ‘when you are walking, you are working’ and they are both very good at helping feed the animals, collect eggs, change water and even occasionally clean out the pens. Recently however, Hattie turned 4 and little Miss Sassy Pants told us she is a big girl now so can help with proper farm work, and that she did.


We have a wonderful old planter that the tractor tows, with four seats on the back and those that sit there have to drop the plug plants into a moving turntable, so they can be planted evenly in the ground. So my apprentice took her seat and got to work, and I have to say I was a very proud Dad, not only did she not complain but she was really good, wanted to know everything there was to know about each variety of plant we were planting, and now has a vested interest in this years Christmas Dinner as the brussels are all on her.


It reminded me how lucky we are to have the girls growing up on the farm and that they love the great outdoors. I offered Hattie the choice of pocket money for her work or one of each plant for her own pallet garden (where you fill a pallet with soil and plant in the gaps) and she chose the plants. Next year rather than this years napping on the tractor. I aim to have both Hattie and Rosie on a seat showing me what they are made of (as anything Hattie can do Rosie is sure to follow!) We didn’t grow up with the Ipads and Netflix and all these other things that our girls do get to enjoy as well, we grew up with mud on our hands and faces and with everything that is happening in the world, uncertain times and horrors that no one ever wants to read about, that mud and fresh air makes everything seem ok.


We were lucky enough to be finalists in The Muddy Stiletto Awards this year. There was a little part of us that thought, you never know, we have some amazing customers and friends and we may just get so many votes that we could do this. Alas, the lovely people at Farndon Fields were crowned winner of best Farm Shop. One day we will win something fabulous but for now we are happy just the way we are. We are also incredibly proud of all of the weekly classes in the Parlour and The Dog House as they were all nominated for these awards. Although they did not make it through to the finals it gave us a warm fuzzy feeling inside, that the farm is a friendly place offering such a variety of things to variety of people. None of us need an award — although I may start making certificates for us all just because I can!


We have finally had all sorts of super toys and sensory gizmos arrive for the Children’s Blood Service. We have just booked to go and see the amazing work that is going on at The Matt Hampson Foundation, so in the next issue I Will show you all the goodies and share With you What we have learnt about this years charity.


As well as all this farm work there is the usual daily goings on in the shop and Parlour. It is a pleasure to now welcome many of Barkby United Cricket Club for a Farmer’s Feed before their Saturday matches. We hope it fuels them for the field and doesn’t slow them down, it has been a good season so far, so fingers crossed for the rest of it.


We have more Table Tops coming up as well as a Pop up Pub and Quiz night — find out more on Facebook. We also have a new meet up session every second Wednesday at 11am run by Frailty Nurse Consultants, arranging the needs of the elderly to keep them in their homes for longer. So if you live alone, or are looking after aging friends and family Why not come along and meet Aimee, enjoy a cuppa and realise you are not alone.


On that I feel I am in need of a lovely cup of tea, but best not be seen enjoying it or I Will be given more work to do.


See you soon at Roots

George XX


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