Wedding Traditions

Quicker than you can say "I do," you've probably already chosen the perfect venue, chosen the perfect wedding dress, a photographer to capture your most precious moments, you may have overlooked one important tradition... 

A new life for the family- home of Rene Lalique, founder of French luxury crystal house, Lalique


The dining room designed by Mario Botta – a rectangle of glass on local red Vosges sandstone overlooks six acres of parkland 22 October 2015: Just launched, Villa LALIQUE is an ultra- sophisticated gourmet restaurant and hotel, a showcase for Lalique’s craftsmanship and flair, set in the former fam

The History of Wedding Cakes

The wedding cake is a tradition that began back in the Roman Empire. At the time, it was a loaf of bread that the groom broke over the bride’s head as a symbol of his dominance in the marriage. The colour of the cake was typically white to symbolise purity.

Antiques Roadshow Specialist Marc Allum plays the ‘Doctor at a dinner Party’ and looks at how one’s profession often shapes the conversation.

Marc Allum

I have a bit of reputation for talking too much. As a light-hearted jibe, some good friends of mine often like to rib me about this particular affliction.