Technofossils – an unprecedented legacy left behind by humans

A new study by an international team of scientists, including Dr Jan Zalasiewicz and Professor Mark Williams of the University of Leicester’s Department of Geology, suggests that the fossil impact humans have made on the planet is vast and unprecedented in nature – and that there’s been nothing remo

Watery M1 By Dr Mcneil

Watery M1 By Dr Mcneil

In the very olden times when roads consisted of water-filled muddy ruts along which horses struggled with various loaded carts and wains, and it could take weeks for a cart to travel from one town to another, THE way to go was by water.

Is it a crop too far?

Is it a Crop Too Far?

Over the last thirty or so years the global demand for food has considerably increased, and in the race to feed our planet scientists have discovered a way to genetically modify our food - known as GM or Biotech Foods.