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Impact of Obesity on Pregnancy and Embryo Development Signals Need for Better Health Education for Women

New research published in the journal Human Reproduction indicates that the embryos of women who are overweight or obese at the time they conceive display distinct differences in early development compared to embryos from women of a healthy weight.

Spire Leicester Hospital is proud to mark the 25th anniversary of its opening

Wind back the clock 25 years to September 1989; it was a big day for all the staff when Spire Leicester Hospital (then Bupa Hospital Leicester) opened its hospital in Oadby to treat their first patients. Treating patients at the Hospital since day one, Consultant Ophthalmologist Mr Ray Chaudhuri has

Neurosurgeon Recommends Building Muscle as Best Protection Against ‘the Disease of Aging’

If you want good health, a long life and to feel your best well into old age, the No. 1 most important thing you can do is strength-training, says Dr. Brett Osborn, author of “Get Serious, A Neurosurgeon’s Guide to Optimal Health and Fitness,”