Antidote Art Showcase Art by Jody Craddock - Saturday 14th November

Antidote Art - Outside

From the pitch the paint: Antidote Art Teams Up with Ex Wolver Hampton Wanderer, Jody Craddock, to Launch His Debut Art Collection.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that an athletic, premiership footballing type wouldn't have a creative and artistic flair in his body. Well, on this occasion you'd be very wrong. Ex Wolverhampton Wanderer player, Jody Craddock, is one such multi-talented man, having revealed in recent years that his skill with a paintbrush perfectly matches his skill on the pitch.XI - Jody Craddock

On Saturday 14th November, Antidote Art in Lutterworth will be unveiling Jody's paintings for the first time which include a collection of 8 new pieces including limited editions, with prices ranging from £150 - £2650.  Come and meet the man himself and enjoy live music, fine wine and great company. 

Although Jody's love for football emerged from a young age, Jody Craddock actually hails from an artistic background. His great-grandfather illustrated letters he wrote to send home in the trenches during WW1 and his Father and Uncle also did pencil drawings. With this heritage, some may say his turn to art was inevitable.

Many hours of practice have now turned in to years of experience, with a wealth of stunning pieces under his belt. Rock stars like Noel Gallagher, Paul McCartney and Jimi Hendrix are favourites immortalised in oils, and portraits of film stars like Al Pacino grace the walls of his home. However, it’s his fascination with statues and graffiti along with a passion for portraiture that have inspired his stunning debut collection.

His collection ‘La Bellezza Della Fusione’ translated to The Beauty Of Fusion, encompasses Jody’s talent and love of the craft and can be found exclusively at Leicestershire based Gallery, Antidote Art.

“We’re thrilled to be chosen to exclusively reveal Jody’s fantastic artwork,” quotes gallery owner, Sara Lovatt. “We have been secretly showcasing his work to our loyal collectors and it's been incredibly well received. You can't fail to be impressed with Jody’s footballing career, and his paintings and his ability to create wonderful art is just as impressive. They sit very comfortably amongst the high caliber of our other artists. The style of this collection has huge appeal- that’s if they stay long enough! We’re expecting high demand due to Jody’s equally high profile and we’re looking forward to unveiling his full collection, alongside the man himself.”

Encapsulating all three elements of graffiti, statues and his love for painting portraits, Craddock says, “Painting this collection has been my labour of love. Perfecting the detail on the statues really challenged my techniques but combining my three favourite things really captured my attention. I am already inspired and working on developing my next collection. I'm very excited for the launch of my debut collection and Antidote Art are the perfect fit'.

It’s the Lutterworth based gallery’s second exhibition that involve high caliber sporting professionals, with cricket legend Phil Tuffnel’s work being sold through the gallery this year too.

If you’d like to attend the exhibition launch, arrange a Q&A with Jody, or with Antidote’s owner Sara Lovatt, please RSVP to or call 01332 865431.  Sara is also available for guest commentary on art-related content.

Event date: 
Saturday, November 14, 2015 - 15:00