Dessert of... English Tea Brack, Orange Marmalade, Marinated Prunes, Toasted Pecans, Milk Ice Cream

By Jack Jarman (pastry chef) at the Woodhouse Restaurant in Woodhouse Eves.

Ingredients; Serves 6

English Tea Brack
375g Sultanas
250g Light Brown Sugar
300ml Brewed Tea
300g Self Raising Flour
1 Egg
Butter for greasing

Marinated Prunes
1 Small Tin Prunes
500ml Red Wine
200g Sugar
1 Cinnamon Stick
3 Cloves
1 Vanilla Pod
1 Tea Bag

Orange Marmalade
6 Oranges (weight 550g)
1 Lemon
1.4 Litres Water
1.1kilo Sugar

Toasted Pecans
200g Pecans
Icing Sugar To Coat

Milk Ice Cream
800ml Milk
75g Caster Sugar
100ml Condensed Milk
20g Glucose
1 Sheet Gelatine

Dessert of... English Tea Brack, Orange Marmalade, Marinated Prunes, Toasted Pecans, Milk Ice Cream

This is a very simple but incredibly tasty dessert that we currently have on the menu at the restaurant. The dish can also be adapted to personal use, such as using the English tea brack as an afternoon teacake as it compliments English breakfast tea.

First thing to get started is the English tea brack. Preheat your oven at 150oc, add the sultanas and light brown sugar to a bowl and pour over your hot brewed tea, cling film and infuse for 2 hours! After it has infused add your 1 egg then slowly fold in the flour till smooth, bake in the oven for 1 hour 45 or until golden brown.

For best result leave the marinated prunes for 1 day before use giving them time to infuse and absorb the flavours. Add all ingredients to a pan apart from the prunes. Bring to the boil and pour over the prunes, cling film them and allow to cool before placing them in the fridge.

To make the orange marmalade peel the oranges and leave the rind aside till later, then slice all the oranges in half take out the pulp with a spoon and pulse in a food processor including skin and pips! Add water and bring this to the boil and pour over a sieve and drain all juices, then slice the peel very thinly also know as julienne and add to the juice along with the lemon juice and sugar, reduce on the heat until a thick consistancy.

For the toasted pecans; add the pecans and icing sugar to a pan and shake under a grill until they begin to caramelise, tip them onto baking parchment and allow to cool.

The milk ice cream has to be made 24 hours in advance if you wish to use it, split the milk to 50ml and 750ml add the sugar and 750ml of milk to a pan and reduce to 500ml don’t let the milk catch at this stage it is very easy to burn. Add the glucose and condensed milk to a pan and heat up till dissolved, add this mixture to the milk then add your soaked gelatine leaf and the remaining 50 ml of milk. Churn and freeze over night for best result.

To finish and garnish this dish we use orange pureé and a hazelnut praline, Enjoy!