Learn How to Make your own bread

Sour Dough, Stout & Treacle Loaf and Ciabatta by Chef Jack Jarman. Scroll down to the bottom of this page to view the video.

Learn How to Make your own bread
Sour dough:

Ingredients (Makes 1kg loaf):

1kg Strong White Flour
22g Salt
630ml Water
350g Starter (yeast product)
20g Yeast (Fresh)

Stout & Treacle Loaf:

Ingredients (Makes 3 loaves):

100g Oats
550g Strong Bread Flour
80g Yeast (Fresh)
300g Dark stout
100g Sunflower Seeds
400g Wholemeal flour
2 Tablespoons of salt
200g Black treacle
300g Water


Ingredients (Makes 8-12 sticks):

800g Strong White Flour
600ml Water
15g Salt
20g Yeast (Fresh)

Credit: Bread Recipés Chef Jack Jarman of The Woodhouse Restaurant in Woodhouse Eaves