John Lennon’s 1969 Honda Z50A ‘Monkeybike’ Sells for World Record £57,500

H&H’s line-up of 170 bikes included a number of gems that had the place heaving despite a week of atrocious weather that had kept people at home. The biking fraternity turned up in strength to bid for John Lennon’s 1969 HondaZ50A ‘Monkeybike’ which made £57,500.

On your bike!

On your bike!

The continuing price hike on petrol cars costs a king’s ransom to run. We spend more time stationary in queues than actually getting anywhere and curse about finding somewhere to park, but the bottom line is that the car appears to be impossible to do without, and public transport fairs no better.

The Bad Boy B-Bone


The B-Bone means no fussy fairings and the like on a no-nonsense, hassle-free scooter for all the real riders out there. There’s no messing about here, just get on and ride!